Lavender Lights Casket Spray

Lavender Lights Casket Spray

This is a gorgeous signature City Gardener half couch casket spray that will bring beauty and elegance to you during a difficult time. When crafting this spray of lavender and purple petals, we will carefully select only the most beautiful premium blooms.  This is a stunning casket arrangement that is absolutely full of beautiful flowers and lush foliage.  Purple and lavender are soothing colors that speak of optimism and hope, so we think this is the perfect spray to choose for a memorial service. 

As this is an arrangement made of seasonal blooms, flowers will often change.  This means that no two Lavender Lights will be the same and yours will be a custom made piece of floral art. 

Lavender Lights Casket Spray can also be made into a full couch arrangement for 395.99.